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How to know if I am homosexual?

How to know if I am homosexual?

Even when homophobia offered to advertise the theory that every pull queens had been homosexual men, drag queens are simply just male designers which dress-up in a great female-instance way. Crossdressing otherwise dressing in pull will not describe the individuals sexual orientation at all, nor will it explain its intercourse name.

As his or her show times don’t identify its sex label, they don’t establish the intimate term possibly. It’s possible to dress yourself in drag and identify as the heterosexual, and something individual could also wear drag and you will identify because the homosexual.

Crossdressing otherwise putting on a costume in the drag aren’t kinds of intercourse expression or types of exact same-gender attraction; they are just a speed getting entertainment purposes.

Homosexual and Asexual

Anyone are asexual once they do not sense intimate attraction into anyone else. They are able to however sense personal appeal, even in the event, and regularly merely toward certain intercourse identities.

In the event asexuality is regarded as an intimate name alone, it isn’t uncommon for an individual to utilize the fresh new asexual name and you can however claim an intimate orientation for themselves.

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