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Autumn Fertilization Affects Nutrient Dynamics, Rooting Capacity, Phenology In Plantation And Posttestival Growth Of Holm Oak Plants

Autumn fertilization affects nutrient dynamics, rooting capacity, phenology in plantation and posttestival growth of holm oak plants

The production of quality oak plant is essential for the success of repopulations with this species, whose survival values ​​are usually low. Fertilization management is key in this regard, which is why in this work an autumn fertilization experiment was proposed in which fertilization doses and times were tested. It is concluded that fertilization during the first half of autumn was more effective to achieve the overload of nutrients in the plant, especially P. Also, this element was responsible for the greater rooting capacity of the fertilized plants. In addition, phenology in plantations was advanced when overloaded plant was used, which could have a positive effect on growth and posttestival survival of holm oaks. Read article in Annals of Forest Science


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