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Active Projects

Characterization of the physical environment of selected stands of mountain species for the production of forest seeds, as a basis for the choice of ecotypes for restoration in climate change scenarios. Biodiversity Foundation – Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. 2013-2014. Read more…

Updating of the System for Monitoring Spanish Rural Landscapes, SISPARES. Part of the DECOFOR project: Development of new methods and quantitative tools for the analysis of landscape connectivity and its application to forest inventory and planning. Government of Spain, National R+D+I Plan, 2010-2012. Read more…

Application of the IAHRIS model to obtain a global indicator of eco-hydrological alteration of water bodies in intercommunity river basins. Government of Spain, CEDEX, 2009.

Codes of Good Practice for Permanent Grassland. Government of Spain, FEGA, 2009.

DEhesas and TALLares de Encina in Mediterranean Spain: management proposals for the sustainability of two paradigmatic forest systems. (De.Tall.E). Government of Spain, National R+D+I Plan, 2008-2011. Read more…

Environmental diagnosis, proposal of actions and prioritization in three singular sections of the fluvial network of the Regional Park of the middle course of the river Guadarrama (TT.MM. Villaviciosa de Odón, Móstoles and Navalcarnero, Madrid). Community of Madrid (Spain), 2008-2010.

Design, characterization and selection of photoselective plastic material in protective tubes for repopulation with forest species, PROTECTUB. Government of Spain, Ministry of Science and Innovation / REPSOL YPF.

EBONE European Biodiversity Observation Network. A project to design and test a biodiversity observation system integrated in time and space. European Commission, 7th Framework Programme, 2008-2011. Read more…

The agroforestry system dehesa as a carbon sink: towards a joint model of vegetation and soil. Government of Spain, Acción Movilizadora de Sumideros Agroforestales de Efecto Invernadero, 2007 – 2009. Read more…

Study of Evaluation and Review of Forest Management Practices for Adaptive Management of Spanish Forests in the Face of Climate Change. Government of Spain, Directorate General of the Spanish Office for Climate Change, 2009-2010.

Study and proposal for improvements to version 2.2 of the IAHRIS software. INCLAN. S.A. (Spain), 2010.

Evaluation of the functionality of riverbank vegetation as an ecological corridor in the Guadarrama River as it passes through the Community of Madrid. Community of Madrid (Spain), 2009-2010.

Evaluation of the Millennium Ecosystems in Spain. Biodiversity Foundation (Spain), 2009.

Ordination of the Alpujarras, in the Sierra Nevada National Park. Junta de Andalucía / BLOM (Spain), 2009 – 2010.

Production of acorns in holm oak (Quercus ilex) pastures as a guarantee for their conservation. Regional Government of Andalusia (Spain).

Project ford in the river Aulencia for the road from Villafranca to Villanueva and environmental adaptation of the riparian environment to the confluence with the river Guadarrama (T.M. Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid). Community of Madrid (Spain), 2008-2009.

REGENFOR: Regeneration of forestry systems in the Community of Madrid. Community of Madrid (Spain), Call for Technology R&D Programmes, 2009-2010.

Finished Projects

Completed projects can be consulted at the UPM R+D+i Observatory, click on the desired year.

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