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Making a Successful Application to an Economics

See the below «The Admissions Assessments» section for more details of the ECAA. If you’re having a hard time writing your ppe oxford personal statement PPE personal statement Oxford, it’s a good idea to consider asking for assistance from a professional writing service.

Can you get into Oxford with A * AA?

Offers for Oxford places are between A*A*A and AAA at A-level, depending on the course. (See course pages.) See a list of Oxford courses with conditional offers including at least one A*. A-level grades of students who applied in 2020 during the 2021 UCAS cycle.

One must also understand the political and individual motivations behind people’s actions. This a feat that can only truly be achieved with the study of both politics and philosophy alongside. Growing up in Nigeria provided me with first-hand experience of inequality and corruption. Section 1 of the ECAA is multiple choice questions in mathematics and section 2 of the ECAA is an essay based on a piece of text. More details of the ECAA can be found from the Economics Admissions Assessment Specification. This specification also includes the mathematics that students are required to know.

Interview preparation

A good way for students to decide which college they think is the best fit for them is by visiting various colleges during an open day. In addition to this, these two websites can be used to find out more information about Cambridge colleges- website 1 and website 2, and these two websites can be used for Oxbridge colleges- website 1 and website 2. With these additional activities, the student should focus on quality rather than quantity. For example, rather than create a list of books choose one or two to focus on, and the student should mention why they found the book interesting and what they learnt. UCAS Personal Statement receiving successful offers from University of Oxford, London School of Economics , Durham, Warwick and University of Exeter.

ppe oxford personal statement

Politics & economics each provide a compelling opportunity to analyse and discuss the systems that govern our daily lives. From free will to the power of maths in modelling human behaviour. Your personal statement is a positive way of laying the groundwork with regards to what you might want to talk about in an interview and for allowing the interviewers to learn more about you and your interests before December. PSE and its contributors do not take any responsibility for the way in which personal statements are used. I have always felt compelled to discover and understand how things work.

A teachers guide: Using social justice topics in the classroom

Of course, it is always better to have someone else do this part to ensure that all errors will be noted and weak statements are revised. The help included rigorous academic guidance, which is crucial as Oxford professors select applicants based on their critical and creative thinking abilities. In the end I was rejected by Oxford, while receiving offers from two reputed universities in the United Kingdom. Very little focus on why they want to study English – which is, after all, the entire point of the statement. You are not able to change the appearance of the text by using bold, italics or underlining tools. Accents and foreign characters will not appear on your statement, though this will not prejudice your application in any way. My childhood self would watch the evening news with my parents, unable to comprehend the gravity conveyed by the big words and hasty speech of the anchor.

ppe oxford personal statement

Activate your 30 day free trial to unlock unlimited reading. Physics and Philosophy explore both the physical and metaphysical world. They form a complete whole in understanding the world to me, for a gap in kn… The importance of the judicial system to a fully functioning and vibrant society has been of interest to me since encountering various articles that illustrate controversies of the legal system.

How to Write Brilliant Personal Statements and Covering Letters: 8 Tips to Get Offers Rolling In

Our interview mentors prepare students at length for this final, important part of the UK application process. One way to excel in writing your statement is to review previous work. Not only will you gain insight but you’ll also learn the dos and don’ts when writing your personal statement. PPE students write one to two essays a week, as well as solving problem sets for maths. It shouldn’t be too much at once though, as students have about two weeks to finish the work and there’s a lot of downtime between contact hours . It isn’t like in the Ivy League, where universities look for fully developed individuals who have all their extracurriculars. Oxford wants genuinely interested, smart individuals who can think outside of the box.

  1. I have always felt compelled to discover and understand how things work.
  2. Since this first experience, I have explored how the earth was formed and how these process…
  3. You now have a solid foundation to write the first draft of your Personal Statement.
  4. Slang is a big no-no in a personal statement, and when combined with an attempt at humour, it’s frankly disastrous.
  5. Cambridge does not explicitly say that A-Level Further Mathematics is required.
  6. The same goes for later in the personal statement with the list of poets – a random jumble of poets, modern and older, with no explanation as to why they appeal (and they misspelt Seamus Heaney’s name!).
  7. It isn’t really possible to increase your score significantly, in her opinion – however, doing practice papers and reading about how to approach and answer the questions never hurts.

One of the ways students can focus their reading is based upon areas they are most interested in. Students applying to Oxbridge are required to sit the Economics Admissions Assessment or Thinking Skills Assessment . The assessment and sections that a student needs to take will depend upon the course they are applying for.

The Application Timeline

As a fervent reader of the Economist, I enjoy the discourse posed by experts, taking them as philosophical reactions to political and economic issues. This helped me appreciate the dynamic link between the subjects in understanding current affairs. Want to see what a successful — or rather 8 successful — UK personal essays look like? Download this free booklet on Successful UK Personal Statements written by Crimson students accepted to courses such as Oxford Law, Cambridge Economics and more. Your PPE personal statement oxford should highlight your best attributes and what better way to get this information to the right people than by hiring our expert writing service?

The subject matter of PPE at Oxford University is very similar to three different subjects… If you choose any of those eight modules, you might end up completing all eight. I don’t want to be too honest, but it feels like every subject is covered within six months. Each year, I study two forms of philosophy, politics, and economics each term.


First, you will get to work with writers who have a background in PPE. Being a secondary school prefect introduced me to basic political ideas such as fair governance and proper public image. Bullying Essay Sample with Analysis An innate aptitude for mathematics backed by consistent academic merit prepares me for the statistical aspects of the course. Organising events as a LEO member taught me time management.

Oxford offered the course Silvia wanted, and Cambridge also requires more details in its application – many years of reports are needed, and the admission test is more mathematical. Leah Kramer in conversation with Silvia Andreoletti, who will be studying PPE at Oxford. To continue, ppe oxford personal statement upgrade to a supported browser or, for the finest experience, download the mobile app. There is lots of joy to be found in serendipity, and I look forward to finding out where my time at Oxford will take me. The reality is that a straight path to gaining knowledge does not exist.

Corporate English Language Training for Employees is on the Rise

Downton has given me an interest in the First World War, as we see its impact on the Crawley family. It seems especially pertinent to be thinking about the First World War in this centenary year. The UK’s role as a progressive state and global financial powerhouse has nurtured many bright minds. Coupled with the evolving economic and political landscape of the region, I cannot think of a better place to study this compelling course. Exploring this, I read Orwell’s Politics and the English Language. I found compelling his idea that linguistic style and the use of rhetoric to hide truths are inseparable and was convinced by the essay, even if I found his «six-rule remedy» too impractical. This attracts me hugely to the course, as it is where Philosophy, Politics and Economics overlap that I find them most gripping.

ppe oxford personal statement

Making an application to Oxford University or Cambridge University, collectively known as “Oxbridge”, is generally a more complicated and demanding process than making an application to any other UK university. This article has therefore been put together as a guide to help both students and teachers with the process, and with the ultimate aim of making a successful application.

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