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Ecological Niche Models Applied To Species Selection In Forest Restoration Are At Least As Good As Expert Opinion

Ecological niche models applied to species selection in forest restoration are at least as good as expert opinion

When an expert is not available to choose species in forest restoration, ecological niche models can be an alternative to obtain lists of species compatible with the physical environment of the place to be restored. In a recent work, members of ECOGESFOR have compared the species selected by a group of 6 experts in 24 plots with those selected by nationwide models built with free public information. The predictive ability of the models is better than that of two of the experts and as good as that of the other four. These results constitute a further step in the evaluation of the modeling methodology used [1] [2] and reinforce its validity as tools to support the selection of species in the restoration of ecosystems. The work has recently been published in the New Forests magazine. [Definitive version] [preprint]

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