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The Effect Of The First Summer On The Natural Regeneration Of Scots Pine In The Sierra De Guadarrama: How Many Are Born? How Many Survive? How Does The Vegetation Cover Affect Them?

The effect of the first summer on the natural regeneration of Scots pine in the Sierra de Guadarrama: How many are born? How many survive? How does the vegetation cover affect them?

Through an experimental design integrated by 192 plots of 1.5 × 1.5 m located under different conditions of vegetation cover and dominant orientation, the germination and survival processes of the regenerated Scots pine in a mass located in the Sierra de Guadarrama were quantified. (Mount “Cabeza de Hierro”), and the influence of vegetation cover in canopy, understory and soil surface was assessed. The average germination rate observed ranges between 15 and 20% and more than 98% of the planted individuals do not survive the first summer period. Regarding the effect of plant cover, the scarification of the soil improves both germination and survival, while the presence of herbaceous carpet, although it does not affect germination excessively, does significantly worsen the survival rate. For its part, the thickness of the tree canopy does not influence germination but does influence survival: AB> 50m2 / ha are associated with significantly lower survival rates than smaller thicknesses. Read more…


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